Daniel K. Tarullo

Member, Board of Governors


Joined the Federal Reserve: January 28, 2009

Left the Federal Reserve: January 31, 2022


Summary Lean Statement Date Publication Date
1  Fed's Tarullo Remains Worried by Low Inflation Despite Job Gains: "Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo said economic data received since the central bank met in September had been mixed, as continued low U.S. inflation tempered his enthusiasm over progress made this year in lowering unemployment. “The U.S. economy seems still to be chugging along with modestly above-trend growth,” Tarullo said Monday in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “We’ve certainly seen continued improvement in the labor market, but the environment for inflation is still one where there is still a lot of uncertainty.”" Neutral November 23, 2015 November 23, 2015
2  Fed's Tarullo: Rate hike likely tough this year: "The U.S. economy likely would not support an interest rate hike this year without signs inflation and wages are increasing, a top Federal Reserve official said Tuesday. "I wouldn't expect it would be appropriate to raise rates," Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo told CNBC." Dovish October 13, 2015 October 13, 2015
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