Name: John C. Williams

Summary: Monday's Top Stories in the United States: "Williams wouldn't tell reporters if he favored raising rates at the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, saying, "We've got a lot of data coming between October and December." He also said he is not inclined to react to one strong employment report, referring to the 271,000 jobs gains in October as reported Friday. Even though the FOMC has been looking for higher wage pressures as they look to become more confident inflation is moving back to the 2% target, Williams said he's "not going to get all jumping up and down because we saw a nice number on wages this time." But asked by MNI about the pace of rates after liftoff Williams, a voter this year on the FOMC, said relative to the last time the Fed raised rates, "My expectation given the headwinds to the economy, given how fundamentally the economy can't handle high interest rates now and still have this rate of growth, that we're going to move, I would expect, slower than that.""

Lean: Dovish

Substantially Similar to Prior Statements: No

Statement Date: November 7, 2015

Publication Date: November 9, 2015

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